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Some Battlefield News

I’ve been busy lately with a whole host of things, among others a presentation at a DICE event on the subject of Design Fundamentals. I’ll see if I can get back to you more on that later on once I’ve held the presentation and I’ve got a few posts I’m working on, but it’s slow going right now with everything going on.

I missed the link run this weekend, but for now, here’s a bunch of Battlefield news that are going around. Starting out with the one that has everyone excited:

  • Yes, we’re working on Battlefield 3.
  • No, we’re not telling you more than that. Do appreciate all the excited comments though, just don’t have any more information for you at this point.
  • My colleague Demize99 has started to blog over at, starting out with a post about medics in BC2. Must-read, and I love the class.
  • Inside XBox did an interview with Patrick Liu, producer for Battlefield 1943, about the game out soon on Playstation Network and XBox Live Arcade — asking, “is this really an arcade title?

Sunday Link Run

A bit of a rush this weekend so I haven’t been able to finish the blog post I was hoping to post. Here are some links to keep you occupied for a bit though… I hope I’ll be able to post a full post the next few days.

Sunday Link Run

Not all that much going on in the world of code this week… but some juicy games bits and other stuff.

  • Check out this awesome Mirror’s Edge cosplay photo set. Some serious dedication there.
  • A video (by now a year old) of Project Trico has leaked onto the ‘net… this is the new shiny from the team behind ICO. Looks great to me, can’t wait for more info.
  • The multiplayer teaser trailer thingie for BF: Bad Company 2 has been released, together with an interview with our Senior Producer Patrick Bach. I especially like the fact that the trailer is open, but you have to verify your age to watch the interview… he sure is a danger to all kids out there.
  • Ned Bachelder reports on a challenge to compress images to fit in twitter messages. Awesome result considering it comes from 140 characters.
  • Tech Crunch reports of claims that user info slipping and sliding into the hands of RIAA. Remarkable claims in itself, but the thing that interests me most is this quote from the email in there: “We’re just trying to help them stay afloat here it’s not like Pro memberships are earning any revenue!” — Might be smart to figure out how you’re going to make money before you start something like that.
  • And finally I can’t help but sneak in yet another recommendation of Steve Yegge’s latest “article”, which is a Sci-Fi story.

Sunday Link Run

Time for new links:

Sunday Link Run

Time for a new blog feature… I’ll post some interesting links that I’ve come by during the week.

  • Microsoft presents a new programming language, Axum, built with a focus on paralell programming and message passing between agents. Looks interesting.
  • Andrei Alexandrescu’s slides from boostcon are online: Iterators must go.
  • The news of the week in the games world: 3d realms is shutting down. Duke Nukem Forever looks to be forever a dream. Also shows you why deadlines are good.
  • DICE is hiring a front-end and back-end web developer for a new product, causing a bit of a stir. If you’re a web developer wanting to play in the games industry, go for it!
  • The EA3 press event happened during the week. EA Forum members are putting their full creativity into getting a better look at BF: Bad Company 2.
  • And while some of these actually do make sense, 13 things that don’t make sense is an interesting read.

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