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I’ve been working on a new side project with a friend of mine. I’m thrilled to have found something that’s both an interesting challenge and something good to have on the side. It’s already teaching me new things that I would probably never have the opportunity to explore at work, for various reasons.

One of these things I’ve learned is that there are many things that I use in my coding are things that I take for granted but that are not natural or obvious to initiate coders. My friend is a coder who’s got some experience of coding through College, but I’ve realized that going from initiate coder to Software Engineer takes a lot of experience and that there are many things I’ve picked up along the way.

I got my share of that experience by creating a game engine in a startup, and doing a lot of other mildly complicated things. I had the fortunate position of having a colleague with whom I could discuss all design decisions to the bitter end, and the time to make a fair few mistakes and figure out how to turn them into successes.

What your path to getting that experience is, I can’t tell. Only you can walk that path, but at least I can set up some signs along the way to help. I’ll be starting a new series of posts called Design Fundamentals, where I’ll explore design concept that are fundamental to wrap your head around. Hopefully even experienced coders can gain something from these posts.

The posts will try to gather in one place only what a given design technique or pattern means, but also how to use it, why it’s useful and various tips and trips.

I’ll be using C++ as the language for these posts, as it’s my language of choice. Much of the information may benefit you if you’re coding in another language, and in fact the only recommendations I have for you when it comes to languages is pick one, and make it your native one. Become an expert in one language, don’t try to go wide. There’s a good point in learning to code in a few languages — but don’t make it your focus to become as good in all of them.

This post will serve as an index — all future posts in the series will be linked from here.

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  • By Tristan Cartledge, Tuesday, August 4, 2009 @ 0:35

    I am really enjoying these articles, and they are great for the juniors at work, keep up the great work and i look forward to more articles soon

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